ADEWM-20 2020 - 19th PARIS International Conference on 'Architecture, Design, Engineering and Waste Management'


会议名称:ADEWM-20 2020 - 19th PARIS International Conference on 'Architecture, Design, Engineering and Waste Management'










Track 1: Architecture, Design and Engineering Design and Manufacturing Engineering • Materials Science and Engineering • Mechatronics and Automation • Industrial and Systems Engineering • Textile and Leather Technology • Automobile Engineering • Production Technology • Avionics, Modern Trends in Civil Engineering • Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture • Bridge and Tunnel Engineering • High-rise Structure and Large-span Structure • Municipal Engineering • Town Planning • Water Resource Engineering • Transportation Engineering • Geotechnical Engineering, Electric Drives and Control • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution • Smart Grids Technologies & Applications • Renewable Power Generation and its Efficient Utilization • Electricity Market in Smart Grid • Power System Engineering & its applications • Electrical Machines • Instrumentation Engineering, Conservation, Architecture Design and Planning, etc. Track 2: Computer Science Engineering/Information Technology/ Electronics & Communication Engineering Data Mining • Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence • Digital Signal Processing • Multimedia Signal Processing • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition • Robotics • Information & Communication • Optical and Wireless Communications • Internet Technologies • Ad-Hoc and Mobile Communications • Wireless Sensor Networks • Concurrent, Distributed and Parallel Computing • System Modeling and Simulation • Soft Computing • Optimization Algorithms • Embedded Systems • VLSI & Digital System Design • Cloud Computing •Antenna & Electromagnetic • Bioinformatics •Control Systems etc. Track 3: Waste Management Climate change, Hazardous waste and waste treatment, Industrial waste treatment, Mining and Water pollution and treatment, Waste water management and aquaculture, Solid waste management, Health aspects of waste water and solid waste management, Environmental management systems, Air pollution control and equipment, Wetland management, and lake, reservoir, and stream restoration, Pollution prevention in industry etc.